The Waterside Conference


  • Andy Bailey, PhD

    CEO / Operations Director

    ViruSure GmbH

    Understanding and Controlling TSE Risk: The Value of TSE Clearance Studies

  • Jim Vaught, PhD


    Biopreservation and Biobanking

    Biobanking During the COVID-19 Pandemic

  • Karin Gedda

    Head of Gothenburg Biobank, BioSamples, Precision Medicine and Biosamples, Oncology R&D

    AstraZeneca AB

    Biobanking — from Primary Cells to Clinical Trial Samples

  • Troy Bigelow, DVM

    Senior Veterinary Medical Officer


    So You Want to Import an Organism or Vector? The In’s and Out’s

  • Christie Coffman

    Senior Associate I


    Rapid Release with a Raman/XRF/RapID Approach

  • Philip J. Cross


    Philip J. Cross & Associates, Inc.

    Assays for the Release of Cellular Gene Therapy Products

  • Stephanie Moore, PhD

    Senior Scientist

    Amgen, Inc.

    Rapid Release Methodology

  • Nathan E. Lewis, PhD

    Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Bioengineering

    University of California, San Diego

    Enhancing Product Quality Through CHO Cell Engineering

  • Xiaoming "Shawn" He, PhD

    Professor, Fischell Department of Bioengineering

    University of Maryland

    Minimizing DMSO for the Cryopreservation of Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells

  • Quality Control in Large Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Biobanks

  • Audrey Chang, PhD

    Head of Process Solution Services R&D

    MilliporeSigma BioReliance® Services

    Update on the Multiplex Virus Detection Platform

  • Kelvin G.M. Brockbank, PhD


    Tissue Testing Technologies LLC

    Ice-Free Cryopreservation of Large Tissue Samples with Retention of Cell Viability and Biomechanics Functions

  • David J. Pasnik, DVM

    Senior Staff Veterinarian, Strategy and Policy


    Animal Byproducts and the Import of Kits and Reagents for Human Testing (Including COVID-19 Testing)

  • Ting Wang, PhD

    Principal Engineer

    Amgen Inc.

    Data Trending for the Characterization and Control of Material Variability

  • Marcin Łoś, PhD, DSc

    Chief Executive Officer

    Phage Consultants

  • Alissa M. Resch, PhD

    Scientific Advisor to the President

    Coriell Institute for Medical Research

  • Scott Wilson

    Sr. Manager Upstream R&D


  • Xiaoxi Wei, PhD

    Founder & CEO

    X-Therma Inc.

  • Allen L. Burgenson

    Global Subject Matter Expert – Testing Solutions

    Lonza Walkersville, Inc.

  • Tenneille Ludwig, PhD

    Director - WiCell Stem Cell Bank

    WiCell Research Institute

  • Antonio J. Scatena

    Sr. Sales Representative

    Gateway Analytical LLC

  • Michael Brewer

    Director, Global Principal Consultant, Regulatory, BioProduction

    Thermo Fisher Scientific

  • John M. Baust, PhD

    President, Founder, and Lead Scientist

    CPSI Biotech

  • Marian L. McKee, PhD

    Vice President, Biosafety

    Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories, Inc.

  • Arifa S. Khan, PhD

    Principal Investigator/Supervisory Microbiologist, Office of Vaccines Research and Review


  • Christopher Korch, PhD

    Assistant Clinical Professor, Medicine-Medical Oncology, Anschutz Medical Campus

    University of Colorado School of Medicine