REQUESTS FOR PROPOSALS – Issued By The Adenoviral Reference Material Working Group

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Bid Submission Instructions  
RFP 1.0: Cell Bank Donation  
RFP 2.0: Viral Material Donation  
RFP 3.0: Donation of Supplies or Other Services  
RFP 4.0: Viral Bank Production and Testing Donation  
RFP 5.0: Purified Formulated Bulk Virus Reference Material Production and Release Testing Donation  
RFP 6.0: Vialing and Freezing Donation   
RFP 7.0: Donation of Repository Services  
RFP 8.0: Participation in Assignment of Particle Concentration 
RFP 8.0: Worksheet  
RFP 9.0: Participation in Assignment of Infectious Titer 
RFP 9.0: CPE Scoring Worksheet  
RFP 9.0: Worksheet  
RFP 10.0: Participation in Characterization of Reference Material – Other Characterization 
RFP 11.0: Short-Term and Field Stability Studies 
RFP 12.0: Long-Term Stability Studies 
RFP 13.0: Donation of Supplies for Characterization Phase 
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