Adenovirus Reference Material Project
Adenovirus Serotype 5 stability data was updated for Month 195 in December 2017.
Analytical method for determining infectious titer after long-term storage.
NIST, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (US Dept. of Commerce),
will perform stability testing in the second half of 2021.

Important Project Documentation
Production and Characterization, Related Articles, References, Meeting Minutes, Requests for Proposals, Submitted Bids, and the Working Group Member List are all available again for your reference.

Use and Availability / Product Information
This viral reference material is intended for use in validating internal reference materials and assays, and should not be used for routine assays. Supplies are running low. The Working Group has begun discussions on whether to produce more.

To obtain this material, contact ATCC in Manassas, Virginia, at 703-365-2700, or via their website at Specify item number VR-1516, which is labeled Adenovirus Type 5 Reference Material and listed in the Animal Virus Collection section of the ATCC Catalog. Each 0.5 mL vial contains approximately 5 x 10E11 virus particles per mL.

In addition, ATCC is storing the master and testing cell banks for this reference material, but these cells are not for sale and will only be used by the Working Group to produce additional lots of material and perform stability testing. The documentation for these cell banks is provided on the ISBioTech website.

Project Participants