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Attend talks from all three programs!

Contaminant Control

Cell Banking & Characterization

Raw Materials Science & Control

Join us as we discuss support systems that are critical for the development and production of biological products including viral vectors, cellular therapies, vaccines, monoclonal antibodies, and recombinant proteins.  We’ll have the most experienced speakers cover: Cell Banking and Characterization, which is rarely touched on in any public forum; Raw Materials Science and Control, which is often overlooked as to its importance, and if not properly managed, can lead to disaster even with the best process; and Contaminant Control, which has become one of the most respected biosafety meetings in the industry.

Please contribute your data and methods for this very special virtual meeting on developing robust processes and then producing mRNA and plasmid DNA under current good manufacturing practices. You'll join the most knowledgeable industry professionals, academic researchers, and regulatory experts who will cover the very challenging aspects of generating large quantities of nucleic acids for use in vaccines, gene therapies, and other applications.

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Attend talks from all three programs!

Viral Vectors

Cellular Therapies

Baculovirus Expression Technology

Join us for this world renowned conference on the development and production of viruses needed for gene and cell therapies. In addition, our parallel programs cover the development of cellular therapies, plus products developed with baculovirus technology.

We’ve supported these applications for over 25 years, and consistently recruit the most experienced speakers and program chairs. This is a meeting with real data and methods presented by the individuals and organizations you want to learn from. Our unique programming format provides the best opportunities for you to network and share with others to maximize your learning experience.