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Contaminant Control

Cell Banking & Characterization

Raw Materials Science & Control

Join us as we discuss support systems that are critical for the development and production of biological products including viral vectors, cellular therapies, vaccines, and recombinant proteins.  We’ll have the most experienced speakers cover: Cell Banking and Characterization, which is rarely touched on in any public forum; Raw Materials Science and Control, which is often overlooked as to its importance, and if not properly managed, can lead to disaster even with the best process; and Contaminant Control, which has become one of the most respected biosafety meetings.  The Waterside Conference is the ideal venue for building valuable relationships and collaborations. The meeting is intimate enough for meaningful conversations, but offers broad attendance from the organizations and people you want to learn from. We provide ample opportunities for you to network, where everyone will be brought together for the breakfasts, lunches, receptions, and a grand banquet, which are all included in your registration fee.  You're guaranteed to learn valuable information that will advance your career and your organization’s success.

Our 10th Spring Meeting
has been delayed to March 15–17, 2021
in Norfolk, Virginia.

To our valued attendees,

In these difficult times, we ask for your support and understanding while we navigate our course forward.  As a small, family owned and operated business, these recent events have been devastating. We know it’s not just us.  So many small businesses in our local community and across the globe are feeling the impact of this crisis as well.  We’re thankful for the swift action and leadership of our Virginia state governor and Norfolk city government in declaring states of emergency.  As we try to process what’s unfolding, we’re urging our family, friends, and colleagues in affected areas to practice social distancing if they can’t remain at home.

Over the coming months, we will be working diligently on our upcoming Waterside Conference (November 16–18, 2020) and 10th Spring Meeting Redux (March 15–17, 2021).  Our meetings are best known for presenting quality technical information in a comfortable, intimate setting that generates priceless networking opportunities.  We remain unwavering in our commitment to support the biotech industry and the vital technologies and services you all provide.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or comments. Be well and stay safe.
Thank you,

Jessica Carson, Keith Carson, Mert Firincioglu, Manisha Trivedi, and Marci Brown